An apple a day. Fresh every day!

028: Edible Apple Logo

Richard Thomas’ clever creation is made from sliced kiwis, bananas, oranges, strawberries, green and red grapes and blueberries. Ironically, not a single apple found its way into the picture.

Via Technabob.

027: Bin Bang Big Apple


Bin Bang Big Apple, painting by James Rizzi. If you have $20k to spare, do consider getting this for yourself!

Via artnet.

026: Dynamo Apples


50's vintage apple crate label. Great graphic from a forgotten era!

Via The Haunted Lamp.

025: Kitschy Apple Jar


Vintage enamel aluminium jar. We love all things kitsch!

Via Green Lashes and Fashion.

024: Apple Head Dolls

Apple head dolls. Charmingly grotesque!


023: Gigantic Apple


Old lady carrying a huge apple. A photo contest entry found via Worth1000.

022: Still Life with Apple, Orange and Radio


Still Life with Apple, Orange and Radio by Tom Wesselmann. The beauty of simplicity!


021: Warhol's Apple


"In the future everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes."

020: Still Life with Apples


Still Life With Apples By Paul C├ęzanne for you to color. Download the printable version via Super Coloring.

019: Apple Corn Maze


Amazing apple corn maze.

Via NowThatsNifty.

018: Apple Bottoms


Girls wearing Apple Bottom Jeans. Sketches by Yuriy Sivers, via Smeared Edges.

017: Apple Car


Apple iCar wallpaper for iPhone.


016: Apple Head Carving


Learn how to carve ghoulish shrunken heads from apples.

015: Apple-Print Tote


How to make an apple-print tote, via CraftStylish.

014: Apple iPad for Kids?


No, it's the Alphabet Apple by VTech.

013: Golden Apple Comics

Golden Apple Comics store at 7018 Melrose. Love the retro-looking shop front!


012: Apple with Brushstrokes


Collage on paper, by Roy Lichtenstein. It's amazing how this man could turn any simple object into art.

Via Parrish Art Museum.

011: Apple Jacks Deconstructed


Apple Jacks, Cerealist art by Michael Albert.

010: Sleepy Apple


Apple felt pin. Sweet!

Via Etsy

009: The Original Apple Phone


Patent number: D281686... the original Apple Phone. Perhaps Apple should learn to be less subtle.

Via Google Patents.

008: An Apple A Day

An Apple A Day by Joe Schwarcz, PhD. Apples might never taste the same again after reading this book.

Via Random House.

007: Apple Sculpture


Apple For You - sculpture by Romero Britto. Our favorite artist from Brazil!

Via Saper Galleries.

006: Warhol-inspired Apple Poster


Apple poster inspired by Andy Warhol's banana. By Micah Lindenberger, via devicious.

005: Apple Tree Print


The apple never falls far from the tree. Watercolor print by Angela Vandenbogaard.

Via Saplings.

004: How to Draw an Apple


How to draw a cartoon apple. Try it, you can do it!

Via how-to-draw-funny-cartoons.

003: Artist's Apples


College illustration class project: 4 classic medium in the styles of Dali, Picasso, Balla, Gieger.

Via Paveglio.

002: Happy Birthday, Newton!


On January 4, Google altered its logo to celebrate the birth of Isaac Newton, born on this day in 1642. But could it also be a swipe at Apple? Google is scheduled to announce its new “Nexus One” telephone the next day, and the falling apple in this animated logo could symbolize what Google hopes will happen to its competitor from Cupertino.

Via Intego.

001: Apple III


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak stated that the primary reason for the Apple III's failure was that the system was designed by Apple's marketing department, unlike Apple's previous engineering-driven projects.